The Story of A Station

It all started when Internet Radio took off in 2009. We thought it would be nice to build a station with a soul. Based on really good songs, selected for people who want to tune in to something different.
Since 2009, you have been supporting Australia128 in this mission. From Venezuela and Brazil to Singapore and Tahiti. From the US to the EU, from Russia to New Zealand. We play great songs because


We Call Australia Home

We're different to your local station, aren't we? Yep. There's quite a bit of multicultural air blowing through our studios and we're proud of that. When the live stats show us you just joined in from Brazil, the US, Germany or Malaysia, there's always that thrill of excitement. We're happy to be global yet also happy to bring a bit of Australia to your speakers.

Your favourite Australian icon?

Streaming For Dummies

Haven't figured out the complete logic of internet radio yet? No worries,mate .

There are numerous ways to enjoy Internet Radio. On PCs you can use WinAmp or Windows Media Player, and there's also Real Player.

Mac users and even PC users who use iTunes will find us in the Radio section on iTunes under "Adult Contemporary".

If you own several devices and you want Australia128 as your preset on all of them, then please check out the TuneIn App. It's iPhone and Android compatible and it keeps track of your Favourites (Presets) across platforms.


Tune In Everywhere

You can listen to Australia128 on iTunes (Radio, Adult Contemporary), and on Tune In (iPhone,iPad, Android).

MultiMediaMakers Group

Australia128 is part of the MultiMediaMakers Group (Perth,Brussels). MultiMediaMakers produces online audio and video content,
and operates iTV Media, a foreign correspondents agency in Australia.

Multi Menu

Enjoy Australia128 on iTunes Radio, on the TuneIn app, and on AppleTV.

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