Perth: the Hidden Gem of Capital Cities

Although we love our whole country and continent, we can’t hide that we’re broadcasting from Perth in Western Australia. And in case you live outside Australia and are not that familiar with the West here…Well, the pic says it all.
Famous for our marvellous beaches, the lifestyle and the quality of life. ┬áPerth often shines among the most liveable cities in the world, and we can confirm that this isn’t marketing spin.

In a nutshell, Perth is interesting because:

  • it’s rapidly changing and reconverting after a ‘Mining Boom’, a time where the mining industry pushed the economy forward and attracted thousands of new inhabitants.
  • Perth is making massive efforts to upgrade the CBD and the riverside and is becoming a really cool city
  • the climate in the West is very nice, which makes people friendly, content and pretty happy with their environment

So if you haven’t been here, it’s worth putting Perth on your travel wishlist.

For now: enjoy the sound of it. On Australia128!