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Discover Tribalistas, Brazilian flavours on Australia128.


Stereotool: the story of a plugin

Stereo Tool is a software-based audio processor known for its high-quality sound and a range of unique features. It’s incredibly popular, used by over


Ecamm: Be your own director

If you’re dabbling in video creation or live streaming and are on the hunt for a tool that doesn’t make you sweat the technical stuff, Ecamm

Music tools

Explaining the 128 in our name

Ever tuned into Australia128 and wondered about the magic behind the number 128 in its name? It’s not just a random number, but a nod to the digital


French For Rabbits – The band

French for Rabbits is a cool indie band that’s been making music for almost 10 years. Brooke Singer, who writes the songs and produces, started the


AI & Design: How will this pan out?

The Impact of AI on Design: Enhancing Creativity and Efficiency Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the field of design, offering new tools and


Gmass smart email campaigns

Gmass is emerging as a go-to tool for digital solopreneurs and creatives who want to amplify their email marketing efforts without getting bogged down in


Midjourney art on the rise

Midjourney is an innovative artificial intelligence tool that’s changing how we create art. It uses simple text descriptions to generate stunning visuals,


The Korean Indie wave

While the world often tunes into the high-energy beats of K-pop, there’s a quieter yet equally compelling narrative unfolding in Korea’s music


A radio supported by AI

Here at Australia128, part of the Poddio Group, we’re pushing the boundaries of radio through the innovative use of AI audio technology. Our team is