Stereotool: the story of a plugin

Stereo Tool is a software-based audio processor known for its high-quality sound and a range of unique features. It’s incredibly popular, used by over 3,000 FM stations including small local ones, large stations with outputs between 50-100 kW, and even nation-wide networks with many transmitters.

If you hear Australia128 in amazing super stereo, it’s because of Stereotool, which has been part of our broadcasting chain since 2010.

Besides FM stations, it’s also used by thousands of streaming stations and various digital and analog broadcasting formats like DAB+, HD, AM, and TV.

Stereo Tool isn’t just for making audio sound better. It can fix common audio problems as they happen and optimize sound for better FM reception. This makes it a versatile tool for any broadcaster or streaming service looking to improve their audio output.

Using Stereo Tool is straightforward. It functions like any hardware audio processor where you plug in a sound source to the input, and it delivers the processed audio to an output, which can be a sound card or a streaming service. Most people will need the standalone version of Stereo Tool for this setup.

For those who use playout or streaming software, Stereo Tool can integrate directly into most software environments. You might need to download a specific VST or DSP plugin depending on the software you use. If your setup doesn’t support these plugins, you can still use Stereo Tool with the help of additional software like VB Cable or Virtual Audio Cable to route audio through the standalone version of Stereo Tool.

As for getting Stereo Tool, there are various licenses available. These range from affordable options for hobbyists to more costly versions designed for large broadcasting networks. This flexibility in licensing means that whether you’re just messing around at home or managing a large network, there’s a version of Stereo Tool that can fit your needs.

Stereo Tool is a product of Thimeo Audio Technology, a company founded by Hans van Zutphen, who’s regarded as an “audio-processing legend.” What started as a hobby for Hans has grown into a globally used suite of software tools that improve audio quality for users in over 80 countries. 

Carl Gruen

Carl is the founding host of the Australia128 program and brings a world of expertise to the station. From Canadian, Australian, and European Indie, to the more undiscovered Indie markets in Asia and Latin America.

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