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How to listen on CarPlay

Take us with you Keen to take Australia128 with you in the car? Apple Car Play allows you to stream us in your car, provided you are online and have enough data. Browser One way to listen in your car using Apple Carplay is to play us directly from your browser. Not the most convenient […]

Instrumental on demand: Lalal.ai

Editing complex audio tracks can be a challenging task for musicians, sound producers, and video creators. LALAL.AI, developed by experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital signal processing, is designed to simplify this process significantly. The Evolution of LALAL.AI LALAL.AI started in 2020 with a neural network called Rocknet, which used 20TB of

Gmass smart email campaigns

Gmass is emerging as a go-to tool for digital solopreneurs and creatives who want to amplify their email marketing efforts without getting bogged down in complex software. This tool integrates directly with Gmail, making it highly accessible and straightforward to use. Here’s why Gmass is a valuable asset for anyone in the digital space looking […]

AI & Design: How will this pan out?

The Impact of AI on Design: Enhancing Creativity and Efficiency Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the field of design, offering new tools and methods that enhance both the creative process and operational efficiency. AI’s integration into design primarily enhances speed, allowing designers to generate ideas and prototypes more rapidly than traditional