The AI trend we will all experience: Runway

The AI Film Festival 2024, presented by Runway, is poised to be a pivotal event in the evolving relationship between artificial intelligence and filmmaking. This year marks the second iteration of the festival, which will spotlight ten innovative films that incorporate AI technology in unique ways. These selected films will be shown at gala screenings in major U.S. cities—New York City and Los Angeles.

The festival is not just a showcase but also a competition. A panel comprising experts in both the film industry and AI technology will judge the entries..

The winners will share a substantial prize pool of over $60,000, intended to foster further exploration and integration of AI in filmmaking. This investment highlights the festival’s commitment to advancing this cutting-edge artistic discipline.

For those interested in attending the screenings, the festival’s website offers an interest form. However, it’s important to note that filling out this form does not guarantee a seat at the events. This selective approach underlines the exclusive nature of the festival, catering to a niche audience passionate about the convergence of technology and creative expression.

For more details on how to participate or attend, visit the AI Film Festival’s official site at AIFF 2024. 

Carl Gruen

Carl is the founding host of the Australia128 program and brings a world of expertise to the station. From Canadian, Australian, and European Indie, to the more undiscovered Indie markets in Asia and Latin America.

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