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French for Rabbits is a cool indie band that’s been making music for almost 10 years. Brooke Singer, who writes the songs and produces, started the band with John Fitzgerald, a guitarist, at Waikuku Beach in 2012.

John’s simple but beautiful guitar playing was a big part of their early sound.

Since then, they’ve added Ben Lemi and Penelope Esplin, who can play lots of different instruments, and drummer Hikurangi Schaverien-Kaa to the team.

They’ve toured in the US and Europe, opened for famous artists like Lorde and Agnes Obel, and played at big music festivals and even at a wedding in a castle in Switzerland!

Their third album, “The Overflow,” came out in 2022 and got lots of praise. It’s a bit more pop but still deep and thoughtful, and follows their second album “The Weight of Melted Snow” from 2017, their first big hit “Spirits” from 2014, and their first EP “Claimed by the Sea” from 2012, which was almost an award-winner in New Zealand.

“The Overflow” was made with Jol Mulholland, a well-known producer in New Zealand, and was worked on in studios in Wellington and Auckland. The final touches were done by Carl Saff in Chicago.

Music critics and fans really love their latest work. Their music has a kind of hidden magic, with quiet moments that are just as powerful as the loud ones. A music site called Stereogum said their music is like a secret whisper that’s as strong as a shout.

Check out French For Rabbits on their website

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