Ruben Hassid and the art of prompting

In the space of artificial intelligence, finding experts that can talk about complex technologies and give you accessible knowledge is crucial. One remarkable voice is Ruben Hassid, a content creator who has quickly made a name for himself in the AI community.

Ruben’s Journey to AI Stardom

Ruben’s journey began in May 2022 when he started posting on LinkedIn with just a hundred followers. At that time, not much was happening, but it was enough for him to quit his job and dive fully into the world of AI. 

His discovery of ChatGPT, just five days into its beta release, was a turning point. Ruben fell in love with the tool and saw its potential to transform content creation.

Since then, Ruben’s following has grown exponentially. Today, he educates nearly 230,000 followers on the nuances of AI and its applications.

Why Follow Ruben Hassid?

Ruben stands out for several reasons. First, his expertise in AI tools is comprehensive. From ChatGPT to Midjourney, and other AI technologies like Bard and DALL-E, Ruben covers a broad spectrum. He ensures that nothing about these complex systems escapes the understanding of his audience.

What makes Ruben particularly noteworthy are his daily tutorials on LinkedIn. These are not just any tutorials; they are expertly crafted, with clear explanations and practical insights that make learning about AI accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a novice curious about AI or a professional looking to deepen your knowledge, Ruben’s tutorials can be incredibly beneficial.

Accessibility and Affordability

Another major draw is Ruben’s “Complete ChatGPT Pack,” which he offers for just one dollar on his website. This pack is designed to help users gain mastery over the ChatGPT tool, ensuring they can make the most out of its capabilities. This approach not only democratizes access to AI education but does so in an affordable way.

Engaging with the Community

Ruben often draws inspiration from the questions posed by his community to shape his content. This responsive approach ensures that his tutorials are not only relevant but also cater to the actual needs and curiosities of his followers. Broadcasting from his office in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, Ruben maintains a close connection with his audience, making his content feel very personalized and community-driven.

His Mantra

Ruben’s guiding principle is “Master AI before it masters you.” This mantra highlights the importance of understanding and leveraging AI in a way that enhances human capability without overwhelming it.

For anyone interested in artificial intelligence, following Ruben Hassid can provide a wealth of knowledge, delivered in a manner that is both engaging and easy to understand. His blend of expertise, accessibility, and responsiveness makes him an essential follow for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of AI technologies.

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