Byword: AI writing on steroids

Byword is a new AI-powered tool that’s great for digital nomads and online entrepreneurs who need to create a lot of content quickly. It’s not just another article writer; Byword has several features that make it really useful for anyone looking to grow their website traffic.

One of the best things about Byword is that it can create high-quality images to go along with articles. This means you can get your posts ready faster since you won’t have to spend time finding or making pictures yourself.

Byword also helps with linking new articles to ones you’ve already published on your site.

It helps keep your readers on your pages for longer, so they spend more time with your brand instead of going somewhere else.

Plus, it helps improve your site’s SEO.

You can teach Byword about your brand so it can end articles with custom calls to action. This is great for turning readers into customers because the messages are tailored just for them.

If you’re writing for audiences that speak different languages, Byword supports ten languages including English. This makes it easier to reach more people in their native language.

Byword lets you choose from different writing styles or set your own guidelines. This keeps your articles sounding consistent. You can also tell Byword how long you want your articles to be, anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 words.

For those who run large-scale marketing campaigns, Byword includes tools that help plan and manage these campaigns more efficiently.

Lastly, Byword can create social media posts from your articles with just one click. These are ready to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and are designed to look good on each platform.

Overall, Byword is a powerful tool that can help you create better content faster, reach a wider audience, and manage your digital marketing more effectively. It’s especially handy for those who work while traveling or managing multiple tasks at once.


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