A radio supported by AI

Here at Australia128, part of the Poddio Group, we’re pushing the boundaries of radio through the innovative use of AI audio technology. Our team is excited about integrating market-leading synthetic voice capabilities that will transform the way we produce and deliver content.

This collaboration enables us to build a robust library of voices, allowing us to offer custom experiences tailored specifically for our listeners and advertising clients. Imagine tuning in to hear a variety of voices, each perfectly suited to the show’s theme or the specific preferences of our audience, enhancing your listening experience every time.

By experimenting with these synthetic voice capabilities, we are revolutionizing how we connect with you. This new approach not only changes how we interact but also enhances the value we provide to our advertising partners by delivering more targeted and engaging content.

Moreover, this technology empowers our creators to produce content more rapidly, keeping pace with the speed of today’s media landscape. This means quicker turnaround times for new shows and features, ensuring that we can respond promptly to your preferences and the latest market trends.

At Australia128, we’re not just keeping up; we’re setting the pace. By creating diverse voice libraries, transforming our connection methods, and accelerating content production, we are at the forefront of innovation in radio production and podcasting. We’re excited to bring you along on this journey, offering a richer, more responsive radio experience.

Carl Gruen

Carl is the founding host of the Australia128 program and brings a world of expertise to the station. From Canadian, Australian, and European Indie, to the more undiscovered Indie markets in Asia and Latin America.

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