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Editing complex audio tracks can be a challenging task for musicians, sound producers, and video creators. LALAL.AI, developed by experts in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital signal processing, is designed to simplify this process significantly.

The Evolution of LALAL.AI

LALAL.AI started in 2020 with a neural network called Rocknet, which used 20TB of data to separate vocals and instruments in music tracks. In 2021, they upgraded to Cassiopeia, a new technology that greatly improved the quality of audio separation, making tracks clearer and reducing noise.

The service expanded quickly and became the world’s first 8-stem splitter, allowing users to isolate specific sounds like drums, bass, and piano from any audio track. This capability was a major step forward in audio editing.

Advancements and New Technologies

In 2022, LALAL.AI introduced Phoenix, a cutting-edge audio separation technology that provided even more precise results than before. Initially focused on vocals and instruments, it was soon enhanced to include all instruments covered by Cassiopeia, plus new categories like wind and string instruments. This upgrade made LALAL.AI the first platform to offer a 10-stem splitting capability.

Accessibility and User-Friendliness

To make the tool widely accessible, LALAL.AI was translated into seven languages and new payment options were added to cater to a global audience. They also launched a desktop version for Windows, macOS, and Linux and, in 2023, released mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing users to access its features from anywhere.

Voice Cleaner: Clear Audio Made Easy

A key feature added in 2022 was Voice Cleaner, which is particularly useful for removing background noises from recordings. This feature is ideal for journalists and podcasters who need their audio to be clear of distractions like background music and microphone noise.

Looking Ahead

The LALAL.AI team continues to innovate, with their latest tool, Orion, a fourth-generation neural network that not only extracts but also enhances audio components, ensuring top-quality results.

LALAL.AI is making it easier for creative professionals to handle audio and video files, offering powerful tools that help achieve professional results with minimal effort. Whether you’re producing music, creating videos, or working on any project involving audio, LALAL.AI provides a straightforward solution to meet your editing needs.

Carl Gruen

Carl is the founding host of the Australia128 program and brings a world of expertise to the station. From Canadian, Australian, and European Indie, to the more undiscovered Indie markets in Asia and Latin America.

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